Sunday, June 03, 2012

Photos of Ghoul and Dragged Into Sunlight + video

Tuesday was another of those typical nights in Raleigh were two great shows happen at the same time. At least they were around the block from each other: Ghoul and Occultist at Kings and Dragged Into Sunlight, Cough and MAKE at Slim's. Quite a few people spent the night walking back and forth, catching bits and pieces here and there. At least it was a good chance to walk off some PBR.

Ghoul (above), whom I knew almost nothing about, was the only band I saw at Kings. I kept seeing Facebook warnings about blood and chicken beheadings, so I was honestly expecting something like Watain. The reality was more like a hilariously low-budget slasher flick  -- complete with hooded figures, an evil priest and a voodoo priest with a skull-topped cane that spat blood -- with an awesome thrash soundtrack. But nothing was funnier than watching people try to mosh on a concrete floor covered with fake blood.

Over at Slim's, Dragged Into Sunlight played some truly horrific blackened doom -- meaning I can easily imagine horrible things taking place while this music is being played. The worst thing I can imagine happening while Ghoul is playing is running out of beer (and that's pretty bad). But I have to say, I seem to have temporarily lost my senses while watching them, because  when I looked back at my photos, almost none of them were in focus. Evidently I thought I was shooting in autofocus mode. Not sure what happened there. I just chalk it up to living and learning. See more photos.

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