Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bedowyn, Black Thai and Devil to Pay

This week, believe it or not, I managed to go out twice -- both times to the Maywood. Monday I was out to see Black Thai, a band of really awesome dudes from Boston who have just released a really great album. It's always good to see these guys, and I wish they could make it down here more often. I also really got into the opener, Minneapolis' Indianapolis' Devil to Pay, who were part of last weekend's Stoner Hands of Doom lineup with Black Thai in Richmond, and the headliner, local band Bedowyn who have a new release of their own. Looking forward to seeing them again. More photos below. Full photo set here.



satisfried said...

thanks karen! although we (devil to pay) are from Indianapolis! ;)

Karen A. Mann said...

Thanks for the correction! I heard you say you were from "... apolis" onstage, and assumed it was Minneapolis.