Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Videos from Demon Eye, Colossus and Solar Halos

 On Saturday I went to the Demon Eye album release party at Kings with Solar Halos and Colossus, and did something I haven't done in quite a while -- shot video of the bands playing. I didn't really feel like shooting stills with my camera. Honestly, I was pretty tired and had to drag myself to the show, but once I got there, I had a great time. All three bands were in top form. I can honestly say it was the best Demon Eye performance I've seen.

I bought a copy of the new album, "Leave the Light," which is out now on Soulseller records. Apparently they ran out of vinyl, so I was glad I actually scored a copy. The album sounds killer. Much doomier than what I've heard them do live. I'm also pretty excited that the band used my Instagram shot of them from the Maywood. I still think that's one of the best photos I've ever taken.

If you missed the show, Demon Eye will open for Lord Dying, who released an underrated album last year, on Feb. 24 at the Maywood.

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