Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Here's an interesting article updating the subscription music services. I'm debating whether to try the new Yahoo Launch service, but two things really irk me about it: 1. It only seems to work in IE (I'm addicted to Firefox now), and the music is not playable on iPods. Still, I like the idea of paying $60 a year to be able to listen to just about anything I want whenever I want. Well, actually, I like the idea of not paying anything, but I'm tired of bad sound quality, viruses and other nasties that come with services like Soul Seek. Plus, I want to at least attempt the legal model.

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Also, here's a quick article from Poynter on Apple's decision to provide podcasting capabilities in its next version of iTunes.

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Local blog Audio Activism suggests an International Podcasting Endowment

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What I'm listening to: The new System of a Down. So far I feel the same way as I do about other SOAD CDs: The music's great, but Serj's voice makes me want to kill someone. I'll give a more thoughtful review later.


Parker said...

Damn but I hate System of a Down. Let me guess: each song started with a gentle progression, and then 30 seconds in, a harsh time change/fuzz blast as they suddenly RAWK!!!

With that tone-deaf sangin'. I'm going to go smack someone right now just thinking about it.

Karen A. Mann said...

You know, it's actually starting to grow on me.

Parker said...

Well, you always liked Metal better than I did too.