Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Belated videos from Rockin' the Park

(The Virgo 9)

OK, it's no secret that Durham is not one of my favorite places. I worked over there for 5 years, so whenever I go, I always feel this sort of left-over stress. I really need to get over that because it's home to a really exciting, self-sustaining grassroots scene.

Sunday was Rockin' the Park, a day-long festival organized by Kim Gray at the Durham Farmer's Market. Dogs and kids were everywhere, and Chef Shirle sold vegan hummus and black bean wraps. A torrential downpour during Sawteeth McTweedy's set added a bit of nervous excitement -- especially when I saw that the power cord for the PA was literally underwater. Having fun, for me anyway, does not equal being electrocuted. But all went well, and I got two videos, one of The Virgo 9 (see above) and one of Sawteeth McTweedy. Seriously check out the downpour in the background of that video.

The Virgo 9 from Mann's World on Vimeo.

The Virgo 9

Sawteeth McTweedy from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Sawteeth McTweedy


Unknown said...

Don't worry I wouldn't have allowed you to get electrocuted. I called and got the current update on the weather, and made sure that the cord being used was a heavy duty outdoor extension cord.

Sequoya said...

I didn't know you were there, so awesome!

I'm so glad you got a video of Sawteeth McTweedy during the down pour. It didn't rain much for the rest of their set and it was amazing.

Here's their myspace

Great vid of the Virgo 9 too, such a great song.

Karen A. Mann said...

thanks for the info on Sawteeth McTweedy. No wonder I couldn't find their myspace -- I was misspelling their name!

The Virgo 9 said...

Thanks so much! I love your pics!