Friday, January 08, 2010

A clue for night two

Just in case you're not on the Raleigh Undercover facebook event list, Chris Tamplin just sent out this message:

"Holy Shit last night was amazing!  All the bands were in fine form and I can't thank them enough!  Also, thanks to everyone who Braved the "snow" to watch!  Tonight we are going to try and top last night with SIX bands!  Aminal kick it off at 9:15 sharp followed by Dry Heathens, The Tomahawks, Bright Young Things, Old Ceremony, and American Aquarium close it out!  One hint on  one of the acts being covered tonight is it is that artist's birthday today and it is not Elvis!  Once again it is a five spot to get in and the charity tonight is for Hopeline, Inc. of Raleigh.   For those of you going to one of the other great shows tonight stick your head in for a quick one (act and beer) the head out or try tomorrow night!  Thanks!"

Hmm. A quick google search of today's celebrity birthdays reveals the following: R&B singer R. Kelly (1969),  Mother Love Bone lead singer Andrew Wood (1966; d. 1990), David Bowie (1947), Doors guitarist Robby Krieger (1946),  "James Bond" theme song singer Shirley Bassey(1937). As much as I hope someone is doing R. Kelly's entire "Stuck in the Closet" series, or singing the James Bond theme, I'm going to guess that someone out there (maybe Old Ceremony?) is doing David Bowie. I already know who The Tomahawks are doing, and it should be "Something" to behold.

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