Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Schooner to issue Cy-Tunes only release

Reid from Schooner just sent word that the band is releasing an  EP entitled "Duck Kee Sessions" on Cytunes in mid February.  Here' s what he had to say:

The "drop date" for the EP will be February 9, which means that's when we'll make it live on the site.   307 Knox is donating CDRs for TC to send to 150 radio stations, which will go out about a week before the release.

We are putting out no physical release in order to generate all of the traffic to Cytunes.  In lieu of this, we have a group of local artists that are making limited runs of 7x7"ish pieces of artwork that we will be attaching download codes to, courtesy of Chris Rossi.  We'll sell these at shows and some local stores with ALL of the $ is going to Cytunes.  The artists are:

Ron Liberti
Chris Williams
Will Hackney
Catherine Edgerton
Billy Sugarfix
Dave Cantwell
Kerry Cantwell
John Harrison
Michele Preslik
David Koslowski
Shirle Koslowski
Zeno Gill
Maria Albani
+ me.

The EP release party, where the artwork will be available for the first time, will be February 19th at the Pinhook.  Joining us will be Erie Choir, Veelee, and The Popular Kids (which Cy and I used to be in together).  The Merch is hooking us up with posters.

We're on the following radio shows in February:
February 5: WUNC's State of Things
February 7: WXYC's Backyard BBQ
February 12: WKNC's Local Beat
February 14: Valentines day performance on Ross Grady's WXDU show

And here's a sneak peak at what you'll hear on the new CD!

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