Saturday, May 14, 2011

Video of Caltrop and MAKE!

Thank God my social hiatus has finally come to an end. I'm out again, going to shows and working on buying a new camera that will take better photos in low lighting. And what a way to get back in the saddle -- by having my ass kicked and ears shredded by Caltrop. I've seen these guys many times, and I can say that last night was the best, tightest and most powerful show I've seen by them. They're getting a lot of attention lately from national blogs, and they totally deserve it. Now I am REALLY looking forward to that May 27 show with Caltrop, Black Skies, USX (performing acoustic) and Royal Thunder. 

Caltrop from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Another of my local favorites, MAKE, opened the show -- their first as a trio since guitarist Daniel McDonald left. The new sound was much heavier, which I liked, but a little lighter on their trademark spacey elements. The video below is one of their new songs, "Valhalla." Guitarist Scott Endres had to do some extra work to carry both sounds. The real star of the evening was bass player Spencer Lee, whose guitar cord failed on the last song, and who managed to keep playing by holding the cord in place and just playing extra hard with his left hand.

Make - "Valhalla" from Mann's World on Vimeo.

This show was a benefit at the Dive Bar for the family of local metal fan Carrie Martin, who died suddenly this year. Though the circumstances were tragic, it was great to once again see how our local music scene will often come together to help each other out. I'm truly lucky to live in an area where we have awesome bands, great clubs, and devoted fans who won't hesitate to help each other out.


Unknown said...

Great show at the DIVEbar (can we get a tag for that) It's always great working with these bands, especially for a great cause like last night.

Karen A. Mann said...

Sorry! Just realized I did not list where the show happened. Yes, it was at the Dive Bar, probably my favorite local spot to see metal shows. This is now fixed in the blog entry.