Sunday, June 26, 2011

A couple of photos of Centro-Matic

I don't like to take photos of national acts unless I get explicit permission first. Centro-Matic, who played Local 506 last night, directed me to go through their publicist for a photo pass, and the publicist never responded. So, you're stuck with this cell-phone photo. Of course there were other people there with real cameras snapping away, so some better photos may surface. 

Regardless, I was totally blown away with Centro-Matic. My BF introduced me to their music about three years ago, and I fell in love with their music, so we were both excited that they were coming back to the area. They put on a great show, and their bass player was very friendly when we spoke to him afterward. 

When I got home last night I put out a Facebook challenge to Kings, Slim's and the Pour House to book these guys. Chris from the Pour House responded that he'd get right on it. I hope he wasn't joking around because this is a band that needs to play around here more often. 

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